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■ Live Info Update→ 2/14@Thumbs Up (2021.1.27)

■ 17LIVE "Chillin' Guitar Time" Streaming Live Start! (2021.1.3)

■ New Single "PASSWORD" Digital Release! (2020.6)

■ New Single "ソノエガオ" Digital Release! (2020.5)

■ 1st Album "Indigo Blues"(2017) Digital Release! (2020.2)

■ 2nd Album "Jack'n'Tosh" CD & Digital Release! (2019.5)

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■ Compilation Album Information (2020.4)

"Friends Ships" by FABIENNE

"太陽讃歌" by Yutori Label

■ Radio Information (2020.2)

 2020/3/3 (tue) 22:00~  84.7Mhz  FM YOKOHAMA 出演!

 Yokohama Radio Apartment  Unite2night

 番組からYoutubeに1曲Pick up! おおスザンナ w/TAMA

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